Forensic Handwriting Examination

Forensic Handwriting Examination: A Definitive GuideForensic Handwriting Examination: A Definitive Guide

ISBN: 0-9778415-0-2
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This book provides an understandable discussion of forensic handwriting examination principles and techniques. It follows a systematic approach and is presented in a practical, useful manner.

Forensic Handwriting Examination discusses the fundamentals of writing identification, as well as more complex concerns including rhythm, speed and skill level. It covers disguised and anonymous writing and the examination of signatures. It touches upon the business of handwriting examination, client communications, trial preparation, testimony, and written opinions. It gives instructions regarding the measurement of writing and offers various worksheets that can be used as-is or adapted by individual examiners.

“Forensic Handwriting Examination approaches the subject of handwriting identification from a different perspective than previous books on the subject. This is an in-depth approach with valuable information for all document examiners. It is a must-read book that belongs in every examiner’s library.”   • Katherine Koppenhaver, author of Attorney’s Guide to Document Examination


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