Handwriting Identification/Document Examination

  • Signature Verification
  • Anonymous Letter Evaluation
  • Detection of Document Alterations
  • Computerized Document Evaluation
  • Forgery Investigation
  • Restoration of Erasures and Obliterations
  • Indented Writing Investigation
  • Typewriting Examination

“On behalf of our clients [Plaintiffs] we would like to thank you for your assistance as an expert witness in the trial of this case. In large part as a result of your work, we were successful in obtaining a judgment againt the defendants not only for the full amount of the promissory note plus interest but also an additional award of $400,000 punitive damages.” Robert Chapman, Esq., Clay Chapman Crumpton Iwamura & Pulice, Honolulu, HI

Questioned Handwriting & Document Examination Course

The Questioned Handwriting and Document Examination Course teaches the fundamentals of forensic handwriting and document work. It is designed to equip participants with the knowledge necessary to launch a career in questioned document examination.

Behavioral Profiling/Character Analysis

Discover character and personality traits through this highly accurate method. Our services assist you in:

  • Personnel Selection
  • Employee Promotion and Training
  • Staff Motivation
  • Evaluation of Existing Personnel
  • Selection of Candidates For Promotion
  • Determining Compatibility in Partnerships and Business Arrangements
  • Integrity of Employees, Prospective Employees and ClientsTypewriting Examination

“Reed Hayes has become a frequent consultant in my jury selection and employee hiring process. I would not consider performing jury selection in a major trial without the use of his handwriting analysis services.” Robert P. Marx, Esq., Hilo, HI

Jury Screening

Trials are often won as much on personality as on the facts of the case. Obtaining a favorable verdict in a plaintiff’s personal injury case might require kind-hearted, sympathetic jurors as opposed to factual, objective types, whereas a case regarding contractual issues would call for jurors who are logical and analytical. A gently persuasive attorney will appeal to different jurors than an attorney who uses aggressive tactics and a seemingly arrogant approach.